Often called ‘Africa’s Eden’, the conservation area encompasses the volcanic craters – Ngorongoro and Empakaai. The Ngorongoro Crater is the world’s largest intact caldera containing everything necessary for unparalleled concentrations of wildlife to exist and thrive. The permanent supply of water and grass through the rainy and dry seasons mean that the animals do not have the need to migrate. The crater measures 265sq km with its rim at 2,286m above sea level and the floor of the crater at 610m below sea level where the temperature drops dramatically. The views from the rim are sensational then after a steep, twisty descent to the crater floor, you can witness vast numbers of zebra, wildebeest and Thomson’s gazelles. Observe hippos basking in the lake and spot rhino, lions and elephants amongst many other varieties of animals and birdlife. The local Maasai people have grazing rights to the crater so you may even come across them herding their cattle.

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