Is a large national park in Serengeti area, Tanzania. It is most famous for its annual migration of over one and a half million white bearded (or brindled) wildebeest and 250,000 zebra. Serengeti National Park is widely regarded as the best wildlife reserve in Africa due to its density of predators and prey. Vast, grassy plains dotted with acacia trees create the quintessential ‘dream’ African landscape. The Serengeti is most famous for the phenomenal sight of the annual migration of thousands and thousands of wildebeest and zebra in search of fresh grasslands. The largest concentration of wildebeest can be seen between November and June. Also known for its predators, the Serengeti is home to lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas. You will also find herds of elephants, giraffe, gazelles and impalas to name a few. There is a fascinating array of birdlife including kingfishers, herons, storks and many birds of prey. Often regarded as the eighth wonder of the world, a visit to the Serengeti is not to be missed.

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